Action – Scorpions – Lonesome Crow

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Goals Kill Jack Sparrow once and for all to obtain revenge upon him for what he had done to him. I always leave one man alive to tell the story. Capitán Armando Salazar is the main antagonist of the 2017 live-action Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Armando Salazar was once a captain of the Spanish Royal Navy, who dedicated his life to rid the seas of pirates after his father and grandfather were murdered by pirates at some point in his life. In his quest to exterminate the threat of piracy, Salazar became worse than those he hated, as he slaughtered pirates without mercy and saw them as little better than animals or infections instead of seeing them as people. In the chaos that followed, Salazar’s noticed a young pirate boy named Jack Sparrow abroad a ship called the Wicked Wench, trying to escape the carnage, while taunting him.

Not wanting to miss a single and insolent pirate, Salazar chased Jack into the Devil’s Triangle, where the Silent Mary was mangled by rocks within the Devil’s Triangle. However, it turns out that as Salazar and his crew’s bodies begun to sink to the bottom of the sea, they were suddenly struck by streaks of eerie red light, resurrecting them as undead ghosts by the mysterious supernatural powers of the Triangle, where they were currently trapped. Several years after this battle, Jack has grown up and become a legendary pirate and spent a long time running from the law while Salazar and his men have been waiting to get their revenge on him. They’ve spend years killing anyone who dares to enter the triangle, with Salazar always letting at least one man live to tell the tale.