To Let You Win – a-ha – Minor Earth

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Over the years, episodes of TV shows have referenced Muppet characters or projects in the titles only. An animated Canadian sitcom set in the fictional “Galleria Shopping Mall” and starring an ensemble cast of six sixteen-year-old friends as they explore their first part-time jobs and lives as teenagers. In episode, “Boo, Dude,” Jen Masterson has to dress up as a pig for Halloween at her job and one guy says, “Yo Miss Piggy, digging the snout, man. In the season 8 episode “Two for the Money”, Jim tells Cheryl that he took the twins to the art institute and mentions some exhibits they saw. Andy pulls Jim aside and asks him where he knows all that stuff from.

Jim tells him that Elmo and Big Bird from Sesame Street went to the museum. In the second season episode “The Sixty Minutes Man”, Alice asks Mel Sharples if he watched that episode of 60 Minutes on a mobster, and Mel replies, “And missed the Muppets. Jerry Stiller played Gordy in “Do You Take This Waitess? In the pilot episode after Benji’s sister fires her for being an escort, Charlotte meets up with Benji, and they agree to have vodka, she tells him she’ll have a vodka cranberry and he’ll have a “vodka vodka,” he replies “vodka vodka vodka,” she looks confused and he informs her “it’s a Fozzie Bear joke. An American show on PBS, based on a British program of the same name.

The Starz series picks up 30 years after the events of the Evil dead movies. What the Fraggle Rock is that thing? In the second season episode 8 “Ashy Slashy”, the Ashy Slashy puppet returns, this time with the real Kelly. She are trapped inside the room Baal held Ash in, with the animated Ashy Slasy puppet. When it attacks Kelly, it attaches itself to her arm.