System – Various – Rock Hard Live Mania

Sunday’s pay-per-view set up system – Various – Rock Hard Live Mania certain match for the April 8 mega-event—Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Aside from Reigns’ victory in Satan’s Prison, a number of other moments and developments foreshadowed what’s to come at The Show of Shows.

Braun Strowman’s eye-catching performance at Elimination Chamber will likely lead The Monster Among Men to a title match of his own. The post-bell aftermath of Asuka vs. And no one has to guess who Ronda Rousey will collide with after how her contract signing went down. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is likely to feature talents like Rusev, Mojo Rawley and The Bar. Many folks were clamoring for Strowman to be “the guy” and wishing he had been the one to win the Elimination Chamber match. A consolation prize may be on the way, though. An Intercontinental Championship match where Strowman devours The Miz in a bite or two certainly qualifies.

The Hollywood elitist and WWE’s resident grizzly bear have a lot of history to build on, too. The monster later chased him down on Raw. Strowman has beaten up The Miz in various matches, including Sunday’s, but not with the title on the line. That is soon set to change. Both are among the favorites to battle all the way to the final. 1 contender gunning Enzo Amore before WWE cut ties with the champ.

It’s clear the company is comfortable with him as a top contender and was seemingly in the midst of pushing him in a big way. Ali has been one of the highlights of the cruiserweight division, a skilled high-flyer who connects with the audience. Despite it being an all-babyface final, Alexander vs. They have flourished in the ring together before and both would make great champions. Ali would be a spectacular match, one that emphatically ushers in a new era for the cruiserweights.

Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins vs. Rousey is officially a member of Raw. She signed her contract at Elimination Chamber, but not without controversy. The only question is who will team up with the former UFC champion. The Rock is the obvious choice, as he was involved in that previous altercation with The Authority, but his availability is a big question mark. Angle makes sense, too, thanks to his history with Triple H and his part in Sunday’s chaotic scene. But WWE may choose to go with a younger star, a workhorse who can help carry the match.

Seth Rollins is the man for that job. The Architect caught fire after a career performance in the Gauntlet match on Raw last week. His past rivalry with The Authority gives WWE plenty to dig into with the story ahead. And pairing him with Rousey would be a smart way to build on his momentum. It seemed certain that Asuka would face whoever won the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday, but WWE has kept the door open for her to choose to face Charlotte Flair instead.