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Isaac Clarke was a ship systems engineer working for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and the main protagonist of the Dead Space franchise. Born on June 5, 2465, Isaac lived with his parents. Poul Clarke, a ship designer and Octavia Clarke, a Unitologist in the Northeastern American seaboard sector. As a child, Isaac lived most of his life with his mother as his father went on a mission before he could even get to know him. Despite financial difficulties, Isaac managed to graduate with high honors from a lesser college, becoming a ship systems engineer.

Several years later, he signed up for the Merchant Marines division, allowing him to prove his abilities in original engineering situations to his superiors. Impressed by his progress, Isaac’s superiors promoted Isaac to a position closer to the major shipping lines. In 2508, Isaac volunteered to be part of an emergency response unit attached to the USG Kellion. The crew was dispatched to the USG Ishimura. The ship was last reported orbiting Aegis VII on its mission to crack the planet.

Their mission was to investigate the distress signals sent by the ship and discover the reason behind the total communications blackout. Shortly after disembarking from the damaged Kellion and noticing that the ship seemed to be deserted, the party was attacked by several unidentified entities in the Flight Lounge. These entities are revealed to be the Ishimura’s deceased crew members being reanimated by a recombinant extraterrestrial infection known as Necromorphs. Isaac was separated from the emergency response unit and avoided his pursuers by escaping in a nearby elevator. Still in touch with Kendra and Hammond via RIGlink, Isaac aided in the Ishimura’s repair by fulfilling numerous tasks across the ship.